Introducing Quick Actions

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Today we introduce Quick Actions to the 417 Go platform.

While most businesses have common ways to reach their customers such as Facebook Messenger, Social Media and their website. We believe that every business is unique as they might sell tickets to events, offer food delivery or offer a way to book appointments to their customers.

For those reasons, we created custom Quick Actions to every place & brand page on the 417 Go platform.

Quick Actions

Now each local brand page will feature Quick Action buttons that will allow their customers to engage with their brand easier. These main Quick Actions will include a button for:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Send an email
  • Leave a review
  • Bookmark
  • Share

Flex Buttons

In addition to the main Quick Actions, each page will have access to a “Flex” Quick Action button.

This button can be used for businesses who:

  • Sell tickets
  • Book appointments
  • Offer food delivery services (either through BiteSqaud, Door Dash, Uber Eats or deliver themselves.).

These buttons will take customers to where they need to go quicker, making it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

Quick Actions are a small addition for 2019 to help us in our mission of becoming Joplin’s best resource to help people find where they want to go.

417 Go

417 Go

Find Joplin's best places to eat, things to do and more all in one place.

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